WANT TO JOIN #ControlYourNarrative?

Your demo, resume, promo pics and highlight reels are not enough.

You must first become a PROJECT.


3/31/22. Dallas.
Southside Ballroom at Gilleys
ETA 2:00 PM

The only way to enter CYN is to begin as a #Project
You will be asked to choose your #ProjectNumber
You will be required to attend a #ProjectNarrative Seminar
You will be evaluated, admonished, praised, degraded then judged by your peers.
Your value to CYN will be decided and either opportunity will arise, or you will be disregarded.

You may be eligible for a hooded sweatshirt and/or t-shirt.

But not everyone gets a trophy.

What is a #Project?

A “Project” is the proverbial aspiring “sports-entertainment” performer seeking “opportunity” to live their “dream.”
In the world of the “corporate wrestling brands” you are referred to as an “extra.” You are paid a meager penance to stand awkwardly in ill fitting dress clothes.

Scenario 1: you are led blindly through the “dark” into a match that you are not prepared for. You are sacrificed for the “corporate good.” You have a minor accolade that you humble brag about on social media. Quickly forgotten validation. You patiently wait 4-8 months for your next “opportunity.”

Scenario 2: you are put into outfit that says “SECURITY” or “POLICE.” Your authority is not respected and you, again, are sacrificed for the “corporate good.” You patiently wait 4-8 months for your next “opportunity.”

Scenario 3: You are fed adequately via “catering.” Nobody recognizes you exist. You patiently wait 4-8 months for your next “opportunity.”

Why become a #Project?

A #Project understands this circle is endless and contrived. Seeks something more. Deeper purpose.

Through #ControlYourNarrative they can “become who they are supposed to be.”

What does a #Project do?

A #Project is prepared to forgo their independent “sports-entertainment” persona and destroy this past through the trial and tribulation of The Narrative.

A #Project assumes their “Project Number” as their new handle. This number is their choice and must never be forgotten.

A #Project fills out their #ProjectNarrative Initiation Form. Signs this as both an NDA and waiver of liability.

A #Project attends a respective #ProjectNarrative Seminar where they will:

-Perform their Sports-Entertainment Persona.
-Undergo Psycho Analyzation by members of The Narrative.
-Brain Dump their truth. Their authentic selves.
-Accept criticism, critiques, and (verbal) castration.
-and finally, FIGHT.

Upon completion of the #ProjectNarrative seminar, the #Project has access and opportunity within #ControlYourNarrative.
Their number will be called to assist on ‘Fight Night’ set-up, promotional assistance, sponsor related sucking up activities, nefarious narrative business, while most importantly become eligible for prime position to fight in #ControlYourNarrative sanctioned events, and character developing segments on #ControlYourNarrative televised features.

Favoritism and Politics WILL BE PLAYED.

How to become a #Project?


This includes:

#Project sanctioned attire (1 Branded Black Hood or 1 Branded Black T-Shirt)

#ProjectNarrative Tenants (the hand written ec3 manifesto on 10 Foundations of Professional Wrestling)

Your #ProjectNarrative Initiation Form

Entry into your #ProjectNarrative Seminar (hosted by ec3 and members of #CYN)

The first step into the next phase of your life.

Eligible only to TRAINED SPORTS-ENTERTAINERS. (If you are not, your money will not be refunded and #CYN has rights to refuse anyone and everyone.)

(If you feel this is a grift, you have not been in the professional wrestling industry long enough.)

We here at #ControlYourNarrative look forward to taking those who choose this bold endeavor into our fold.

You are taking back #Control

You are prepared to fight for your #Freedom.

Through #CYN you will find #Purpose.

-The Narrator